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Peinture numérique - "Lumières", "Couleurs aériennes", "Couleurs intérieures"
voir : Peinture numérique
Peinture numérique

Les archetypes voir : Les Archetypes

Archetypes: Dictionary definition: pictorial or symbolic representation of ancestral origin, existing in every human being, which can serve as a model or manifest themselves in behavior and imaginative productions.

Les guetteurs mélancoliques voir : Les guetteurs mélancoliques

They show you the way the skeletons of the trees fingers ending...extract from Watchman melancholy Guillaume Apollinaire

Les dommages collatéraux voir : Les dommages collatéraux

Collateral damage: This phrase has been used for the first time during the Vietnam War to refer to friendly fire or the destruction of civilian facilities and its victims.

Abstrait voir : Abstrait

Abstract work, paintings and drawings