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Born in Madagascar to a french father and a malagasy mother, AVF arrives in France after 7 years growing in Africa. Then she began to draw and paint. Maybe with a mixed intention to capture territory, identity.
Early at 18 she exhibits in Parisian salons: « Artistes français », « Indépendants », galleries and now around the world.
For 40 years AVF artworks reveals a seeming tranquility or serenity.
Only in appearance, her series on colour and light: "Lights", "aerial Colours", "Inner Colours" return a sense of calm, and echo her series on "archetypes" and "collateral damage ". Undoubtedly ambivalence of our world that AVF translate in the ambivalence of her art.
It is these beings tired, worn or interrogators that interest her, they are facing an unreal natural environment, the beauty of a nature that does not exist, enhanced by the colours, the composition, the light that radiates, to imagine another inner world?
Her wildly colorful and dynamic digital paintings take inspiration from imagination and personal emotions.
AVF´s works consumes the viewer into these ebbing realms of colour and shape. Her handling of digital media is astounding, lending her the ability to create ostensibly any imagined world she might conceive of. The compositions are meant to draw on organic forms, mimicking and expanding on naturally occurring patterns.
Each piece combines harmony, rich colour, and both real and surreal effects.
AVF artworks has been featured in many art magazines and websites, as well as in private collections around the world.

Biography of a self educated painter